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Tulip Sashiko Needles Short Assortment


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Tulip Sashiko Needles – Assorted Shorts
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Tulip needles are superior sewing needles from Hiroshima, Japan. The eye of the needles are easy to thread, the shafts highly polished and smooth with great piercing ability.
The Tulip company of Hiroshima, Japan has been making sewing needles since 1948. Well-known for their quality sewing needles, they now make some of the finest sashiko needles available.
Made of nickel plated steel under strict guidelines with cutting edge technology, the needles are polished lengthwise to ensure smooth fabric piercing. Milled to a perfect sharp, smooth tip, you’ll love how smooth and slick these needles feel. Great for long straight lines when you want to gang many stitches onto the needles. The shaft of the needles are thinner, making it much easier to pull heavy sashiko thread through cloth.