March 2013

  • 22 Mar, 2013
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We’ve just finished 3 weeks of retreats here in my studio. What a whirlwind of fun, creativity, and a chance to meet other quilters from far-flung parts of the world—from Canada and Alaska to Australia. We had plenty of space, light, and supplies on hand. Peter provided fabulous lunches: Paella, Hawaiian pineapple chicken, big farmer’s market salads, tropical fruits, and that very popular local coconut ice cream…

Each student brought a unique vision of what they wanted to do during the week and the results were spectacular! A big Mahalo to Jan Cornish for demonstrating how to color fabric with an Australian product called Liquid Radiance. The Alaskan group all experimented coloring silk and cotton to use in their projects: butterflies, lotus blossoms, orchids, strips for aurora borealis.

Thank you to Indigo Niche for organizing and bringing over a big group from Australia. All were intrigued with the Tifaifai Cook Island quilts, some worked with Japanese yukatas and complementary fabrics to design innovative asymmetrical quilts à la Kitty Pippen style, others designed their own appliqué flowers and sashiko combinations.

(Click on image to view larger size.)

My next workshop in my studio is coming up in April, but first, a trip to beautiful Asilomar, California to teach for Empty Spools!

NEW PRODUCT: Clamshell Templates

by Patchwork with Busyfingers

We are now selling English paper piecing Clamshell Templates and paper by Patchwork with Busyfingers.

Sue Daley‘s paper piecing technique uses a special paper and a Sewline glue pen (a starch-based glue) instead of basting. It is a very clever and fast paper piecing technique.

Each pack comes with plastic template and 50 pre-cut clamshell papers.
Choose from 2″ or 3″ clamshell.


Recommended Product:
Sewline Glue Pen

2014 Retreat Date Changes

Based on student interest after three workshops, we’ve decided to switch around some of the 2014 Retreat Dates. In lieu of the Merrie Monarch Festival, April’s Hawaii Retreat will now run from the 14th to 18th in order to allow students the opportunity to see it. More class changes below:

View the entire workshop calendar for 2013 & 2014 HERE.

Misprint Sale!

Your Favorite Sashiko Designs on Different Colors: $12.00 Each

A while back, a mixup at the printers landed us with sashiko designs screened onto the wrong colored panels. Now we have a huge pile of “misprints” and we have to get rid of them!

Each Misprint Kit is only $12.00 each and includes instructions. Panels are free of defects aside from being printed on the wrong color. Please note that these designs are screened on the discontinued Kaufman Marbleous fabric. There is a limited amount of these kits, so hurry now!

Breadfruit on BLUE Marbleous

Tree Fern on BLUE Marbleous

Hawksbill Honu on GREEN Marbleous

COMING SOON: Poppies & Lupine Fabric Kit

Look for it in the next newsletter!

The Poppies & Lupine Fabric Kit is just around the corner! It will be available by the next newsletter…

I’ve also been making up new designs for monthly quilt blocks to be released this summer—specialty kits with hand-dyed fabric made by yours truly!

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February 2013 News

  • 21 Feb, 2013
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I'm back from a fabulous cruise from Sydney to New Zealand. For five days at sea, I taught my Tifaiafai, Koala and Tropical Waves workshops; the other port days were filled with wonderful stops from Fiordland to Auckland. I was amazed at how far my students got on their projects! The best part of the trip was making wonderful new friends. A big thank you to all my students and to Deb Roberts for organizing the cruise.

Here are just some of the beautiful sights from New Zealand, and photos from my workshops, taken during my trip:

As a friendly reminder, in August of this year, I'll be sailing from San Francisco up to Alaska for my next quilt cruise—if you would like more information, please don't hesitate to email me at I look forward to meeting some of you there!

SALE: Sashiko Kits

Chinese Bird Series

One-Week-Only Sale
February 21-28, 2013
Albatross, Pheasants, Two Owls: ALL $18!

NEW PRODUCT: Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

Starch-based, clear-drying, and water-soluble, Sewline's Fabric Glue Pen doesn’t dry as hard as other glues so it is easier to needle through! It also removes easily for re-positioning. Great for hand appliqué techniques requiring delicate glue application and for placement of appliqué shapes.

Website Correction: InvisaFil Threads

Updated Product Photos

It has been brought to our attention that the product photos for the InvisaFil threads may not be showing up for everyone. We've since corrected this and would like to re-direct you to the product page HERE. To view all ten spool collections, click on the photo thumbnails below the product description. Product numbers and color names are also now included for each box. Mahalo ~

It’s Crunch Time!

Workshops, Workshops, Workshops

Back on the home turf, I found myself smack-dab in the middle of two back-to-back workshops. The first five-day workshop has just ended, and I am currently in the middle of my second retreat with a group from Brisbane, Australia. After that, I'll have a one-week reprieve, and then back to another workshop in the beginning of March.

Yes, I've been very busy, but there are plenty of other workshops, cruises, and events coming up this year. We've just updated my Workshop Calendar with all the new dates.

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Happy New Year from Sylvia Pippen Designs

  • 13 Jan, 2013
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The studio renovations are finished and we are ready to launch into our winter Hawaii retreats! The upstairs has also been expanded so we can gather for coffee, show-and-tell, and lunch in a lovely, bright, and airy space.

The first retreat runs from February 5-11, with folks coming all the way from Canada. Then my distributors in Australia, Indigo Niche, are bringing a group from Brisbane. My mother Kitty Pippen—who just turned 93 and is still quilting up a storm—will hopefully join us.

Meanwhile, I’ve cemented the dates for my 2014 Hawaii Quilt Retreats and will be teaching a greater variety of classes. I also have MORE NEW PRODUCTS available on my website. Scroll down to read more…


3 Models Available

I discovered KAI scissors when teaching on the mainland and they are superior scissors at a reasonable price. We are now offering my three favorite models: patchwork, embroidery, and needle craft scissors. The right scissors with sharp accurate cutting action is so important when doing fine hand work.

KAI Embroidery Scissors
Quilters love this size for trimming “dog ears” and clipping threads. This smooth, comfortable size fits perfectly in your sewing kit—easy to take with you for sewing projects or classes.

KAI Needle Craft Scissors
Sharp pointed tips allow for detailed cutting and trimming. Very popular for trimming threads, and fly-tying for fishermen.

KAI Patchwork Scissors
Serrated blades help grip the fabric on satin, silky, or slippery fabrics. Excellent on cotton for cutting multiple layers of patchwork piecing. Also great for cutting out appliqué.

KAI scissors are made in Japan and are made of fine stainless steel with vanadium. They are hand-polished and balanced, allowing for fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabrics. Soft ergonomic handle grips and hardened stainless steel blades offer superior cutting action. These versatile scissors can cut lightweight fabric (including silk) without fabric slippage on the blades or through multi-layers of heavier fabrics.

NEW PRODUCT: Sewline Trio Fabric Pencil

Three-In-One Multi-Function Fabric Pencil

This versatile three-in-one tool is a fine-line lead pencil, a white chalk pencil, and a perfect stylus for tracing designs. It is an indispensable part of my sewing kit.

NEW PRODUCT: Nakajima Super Ultra-Thin Polyester Quilt Batting

Excellent Low-Loft, High-Density Quilt Batting from Japan

Manufactured in Japan, this 100% polyester batting has a very low loft but is high density, providing a very soft and uniform batting. It is superior to any other low loft batting I have ever used. It is not stiff and there are no hard folds to work out when sandwiching your quilt. Very easy to hand quilt. Perfect for wall hangings. It is more expensive, but it is worth every extra penny.

36″ x 40″ Sheet


New Workshops Available!

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Merry Christmas from Sylvia Pippen Designs!

  • 24 Dec, 2012
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Merry Christmas!

It’ll soon be time to get out the suitcases and pack for my two-week cruise from Sydney to Auckland in early January. I’m very excited about meeting all of my students and sharing three different workshops: Tifaifai, Koala in a Eucalpt, and Tropical Waves. Unfortunately, we can't use irons aboard the ship, so necessity is the mother of invention! I am using the sticky postage appliqué method (sort of like the freezer-paper-on-top technique) and I really like it! No irons required. I also can't wait to visit all the quilt shops, meet the shop owners, and of course, see the exquisite coast of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.

New Fabric Kit Series in the Works

Reworked Sea Life Kits Inspired by Alaskan Tlingit Quilts

From August 18-28, 2013, I will be teaching aboard the Grand Princess on a round-trip cruise from San Francisco to Alaska. Here is my project for the cruise—and the beginning of a new series of fabric kits inspired by the blanket wool and button art of the Alaskan Tlingit!

I love working with wool. It's the perfect medium to combine with sashiko. It cuts like butter, is very stable and easy to sew down either by machine or by hand buttonhole stitching. This is the Sock-Eye Salmon design from my Sea Life Series transformed with wool appliqué and a geometric felted wool border. I started with a preprinted panel and first filled in various shapes with felted wool from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories near the Arctic circle, where felted wool is used to make fabulous pictorial quilts. I am also designing an eagle and totem in the same style with felted wool. Stay tuned!

For more information & to sign up for classes,

NEW PRODUCT: Hand-Dyed Marbled Fabric

Specialty Fabric Sets by Marjorie Lee Bevis

Each beautiful fabric pack includes 10 selections of hand-dyed marbled fabric by Marjorie Lee Bevis. Each selection is approximately 9"x10".

(Click on either image to view the product page.)

Poppies & Lupine Design to be Released

Reworked Design for Upcoming Fabric Kit & Pattern

In early January, I'll be releasing a pattern and limited-edition fabric kits of Poppies and Lupine. This will be a NEW VERSION—slightly simplified—of the original Poppies & Lupine design (pictured above).

I finally tracked down a wonderful crackled wax Indonesian batik that makes perfect lupine flowers. A prototype is on the design table, ready to be glue-basted down and hand-appliquéd. I am using light green sashiko thread instead of white on a black background; it is not as stark as white sashiko thread, but it's nonetheless very luminescent. (The fabric kits will include green sashiko thread.)

SALE: Sashiko Thread

One Week Only Starting Christmas Day!

We are having a SASHIKO THREAD SALE from December 25th to January 1st. All solid color sashiko thread will be on sale for $3.00 each, so stock up today!

SALE: Wildflower Patterns

One Week Only Starting Christmas Day!

Also from December 25th – January 1st, all Wildflower Patterns will be on sale for $8.00!

ENTER TO WIN: ‘I’iwi Honeycreeper & ‘Ohi’a Lehua Pattern

Orders of $50 or More Automatically Entered to Win

From December 25 – January 15, any order of $50 or more will automatically enter you to win an 'I'iwi Honeycreeper & 'Ohi'a Lehua Pattern, which is not available on the website.

The 'I'iwi or Scarlet Hawaiian Honeycreeper is a beautiful, bright red bird endemic to Hawai'i. Emblematic of the islands and ubiquitous in Hawaiian mythology and culture, the 'I'iwi is now in rapid decline on every island but Maui and the Big Island. The 'Ohi'a Lehua tree, on the other hand, is still very much around and is the official flower of the island of Hawai'i.

To learn more about the plight of the ‘I’iwi, check out The Nature Conservancy website by clicking on the image below.

Drawing Winners for Free Lobster and Swordfish Kits

Congratulations to Peggy Albert and Beverly Ross, the drawing winners for the FREE Lobster/Swordfish Sashiko Kit!

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Happy Holidays!

  • 03 Dec, 2012
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This December, we are offering some holiday specials, a free pattern, and stocking stuffers for all quilting enthusiasts.

There are also some exciting developments in the works involving future workshops—scroll down to read more!


Buy 3, GET 1 FREE!

Sea Life Sashiko Kits

12 Days of Free Sashiko Kits!

From December 1st-12th,

When you buy 3 sashiko kits from the Sea Life Series, you'll get 1 kit FREE!

Just shoot us an email and tell us which Sea Life Kit you'd like free with your order!

*Applies only with purchase of 3 non-discounted kits in the SEA LIFE SERIES.

Buy 3 or More Sea Life Sashiko Kits and…

…Be entered to win a free kit with thread and needles!

Anyone who buys 3 or more sashiko kits from the Sea Life Series will be automatically entered to win a FREE Lobster or Swordfish Kit, printed on the beautiful but discontinued Kaufman Marbleous cotton and including thread and needles. That means two lucky customers will be receiving an extra free kit in the mail!

*Applies only with purchase of 3 non-discounted kits in the SEA LIFE SERIES.

FREE Pattern!

Butterfly Kamon Medallion

This butterfly Kamon medallion is in my book, Sashiko Designs. Click on the image above to save the high-resolution pattern onto your computer! (Pattern measures approximately 7.5"x8" but can be scaled up or down to preferred size.)

Need Gift Ideas?

Butterfly Kamon Medallion by Simone

Try Sashiko with our new beautiful colored threads! Sashiko is fun, fast, and easy for all ages—and they can make beautiful and practical gifts for this Christmas season. For example, my neighbors Hannah and Simone are making sashiko potholders for their grandmother! How wonderful to have talented enthusiastic young people working with me in my studio.

Call for Quilts!

New Student & Customer Quilt Gallery

Quilt by Sally Senestaro

Next year, we are adding a NEW Student & Customer Quilt Gallery to the website and we want to see what you've made with Sylvia's designs!

If you would like to be featured in the gallery,
please send photos of your beautiful quilts to:

New Special Topics Workshops for 2014

Beginning Classes, Advanced Design, Tivaevae Workshops, and more!

As you may know, I've been very excited about designing more Tivaevae (or Tifaifai) quilts, inspired by the quilt traditions of Tahiti and the Cook Islands—and I've finally made a contact with a fibre arts studio on the island of Atiu where they give Tivaevae workshops! I hope to go there in the near future, and I would love to bring a group of quilters to the Cook Islands to attend workshops and admire their beautiful embroidery-embellished appliquéd quilts!

I am also working on revamping my 2014 Hawaii Quilt Retreat Schedule to include a greater variety of workshops—from Sashiko & Appliqué Intro Workshops to Advanced Design and special topics classes for Tifaifai and Hawaiian Quilt Traditions, and Fabric Painting! I have already started planning and writing up new brochures for these workshops, so stay tuned…

Big Island Bird Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Patricia Geaghan, the winner of the drawing for the last Big Island Bird Fabric Kit!

Patricia has kindly agreed to showcase her quilt in our Student & Customer Quilt Gallery as soon as it is finished. This is our first giveaway and we are excited to see the results!

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November 2012

  • 07 Nov, 2012
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This month, I am featuring more promotions and giveaways, as well as adding new products to my website.

Buy 3, GET 1 FREE!

Tropical Foliage Sashiko Kits

From November 7-14, customers who purchase 3 or more sashiko kits from the Tropical Foliage Series will receive 1 free sashiko kit of their choice! Once purchase has been made, shoot us an email at to let us know which Tropical Foliage kit you'd like for free and we will include it in  your order!

Offer is valid only for kits from the Tropical Foliage Series.

ENTER TO WIN: Guava & Brazilian Cardinal Fabric Kit

Drawing from November 7-17

I recently came across the last kit from my limited-edition Big Island Birds Fabric Kits and decided it would make a great giveaway!

From November 7-17, customers who purchase any one or more of the already-discounted Big Island Birds Series patterns will be automatically entered into the drawing. One lucky customer will be receiving the FREE Guava & Brazilian Cardinal Fabric Kit along with their purchase! Kit includes 8 different fabric selections, 1 skein of green sashiko thread, Sylvia's Single Sashiko Needle, pattern, and instructions.

NEW! Solid & Variegated Color Sashiko Thread

10 New Colors Available

We’ve just added 8 new solid colors of Olympus sashiko thread, along with 2 variegated colors! Click on the image above or check out the supplies page to order.

Sashiko by Nancy Taniguchi, made using colored sashiko thread

New Book in the Works

Kitty Pippen’s Silk Quilts

This week, I am off to teach at the Southern Oregon Stitchers and Mt. Stars Quilt Guilds, and then to spend a few days with my mother, Kitty Pippen, working on new quilt designs with Australian aboriginal fabrics. Kitty and I are formulating a new book proposal for C&T Publishing that will feature my mother's huge array of silk quilts. Kitty turns 93 this month and is still turning out brilliant quilts at an astonishing rate! We would like to share her techniques, tips, and tricks working with kimono and other kinds of silk in a showcase book.

InvisaFil Thread

by WonderFil

I am hooked on #100-Weight Polyester InvisaFil Thread for appliqué! It acts like #100 silk, disappearing into the weave of the appliqué, but is much stronger with no stretch. It also stays in the eye of the needle more easily than silk thread. Check out Wonderfil's Facebook page where they are featuring my quilts. I bet you won't be able to see the stitches—they are virtually invisible!

We offer Wonderfil's 6-spool packs in ten different color combinations.

For other products, please visit

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October / November, 2012

  • 28 Oct, 2012
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My Koala in a Eucalypt design is finally out! Plus, we’ve added some new features to the website…

JUST RELEASED: Koala in a Eucalypt

It’s finally here!

Makes a 21″ x 25″ Wall Hanging

Fabric Kit


Includes 13 different fabric selections, green sashiko thread, Sylvia’s Single Sashiko Needle, transfer paper, instructions, full-sized pattern—and a new & improved Appliqué Methods Guide!


Fabric kit will remain in stock only as long as the

M&S Aboriginal textile fabrics remain available.

(Pattern will still be available.)


Pattern Only


Includes sashiko instructions, full-sized pattern—and the new & improved Appliqué Methods Guide!

Tivaevae: Cook Island Style

Just finished a 2-day workshop with a wonderful, enthusiastic group from Kauai.

Instead of appliqué, we used an easy method to turn under the edges with temporary glue baste using a sticky label pattern template on the right side of the fabric as a turning guide. This is similar to the “freezer paper on top” appliqué method, except we glued—no appliqué! We then embellished our flowers with variegated perle cotton and DMC using buttonhole stitch.

I love Tivaevae quilts and am researching contacts in the Cook Islands in hopes that in the future, I can run a quilt trip there.

Hibiscus Tifaifai Quilt

New Website Updates

Updated Workshop Calendar & Workshop Supplies Page

I’ve added a new Hawaii retreat date to my schedule for next year: November 4-8, 2013.

There are also still a few openings left in my April 15-19, 2013 Paradise Retreat. If you can’t make it, there are plenty of other bookings you can still catch:

Click here to view the updated workshop calendar!

As part of our on-going website improvement, we’ve added a new Workshop Supplies Page to the menu, featuring specialized kits and supplies for registered students only! Each listed kit and pattern will also link to a (printable) document of material lists and detailed information for each class:

We’ve also made paying for workshops much easier! Customers now have the option of making a full payment, deposit, or the remaining payment (if deposit has already been made) via a drop-down menu right above the purchase button.

The website is getting better and better every week, so check back in often to see what’s new!

Mahalo, Pahala Quilting and Creative Sewing Center!

Thank you Donna and all for a fun day teaching sashiko! Pahala Quilting and Creative Sewing Center is in a lovely plantation house with a huge airy classroom and lanai. Donna has a great collection of batiks, Hawaiian and Samoan fabric, and her store is THE place for quilters to gather.

For other products, please visit

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October 2012

  • 04 Oct, 2012
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Cruising! Just back from teaching on a fabulous 11-day cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii—47 quilters, ocean-view workshop rooms, gourmet dining, great entertainment, and a barrel of fun and laughs, all while creating beautiful quilts. I taught along with Marti Michell and Nancy Odom, two wonderful and talented quilters. A big Mahalo to Deb and Clay Luttrell of Stitchin’ Heaven for a terrific cruise.

After a 5-day crossing, I was ready to hit the quilt shops on all the islands and catch up with my quilting friends. We got off the ship in Hilo, came home, with enough time to play with the doggies, do laundry, mow the lawn and answer e-mails before setting sail for Kona. We passed our house and the lava flows on the flanks of Kilauea at night—a glorious sight.

I came home relaxed, recharged, and full of inspiration.

“From Flowers to Fabric” / April, 2013

Upcoming Quilt Retreats in Sylvia’s Studio in Hawaii!

My April 15-19th, 2013 From Flowers to Fabric retreat still has open slots.

Please join us for a fun-filled 5-day retreat in my studio!

Click on the image above for more information


feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions:

(808) 981-2681

Brochure available upon request.

Advanced Design Class

March 4-8th, 2013

Student quilt by Louise Avent

A group of Alaskan quilters (repeat students who've requested a more advanced class) will be coming to Hawaii to work in my studio next spring. Emphasis will be on the design process and techniques. Bring your ideas and translate them into strong designs combining sashiko and appliqué! Come join the fun and meet some great new friends from Alaska. 

(808) 981-2681

From the Golden Gate to Alaska

Join Sylvia for next year’s quilt cruise!

I am very excited about this cruise! It originates and ends in San Francisco, with 4 days at sea—perfect for our workshops. Plenty of time to sightsee in Alaska and we will also stop in Victoria, (British Columbia) on the way back to see the beautiful Butchart Gardens.

I will be teaching 2 workshops:
• Alaskan Wildflowers Sashiko and Appliqué
• New! Sashiko designs combined with wool appliqué—inspired by the art of the Northwest.

For more information, please contact:
Terry Caselton

End of Summer Sale!

July’s Upcoming Events & Newest Products

  • 08 Jul, 2012
  • posted by Sylvia in: sylvia40

Summer in Hawaii! Good to be home in my studio listening to the surf while dreaming up and creating new designs. Lots of activity getting the studio enlarged and renovated for my 2013 workshops. There are 5 retreats scheduled in my studio in 2013 and they are filling up fast! I love to travel and teach, but it is great to share beautiful Hawaii with students right here in my studio.

“From Flowers to Fabric”

Upcoming Quilt Retreats in Sylvia’s Studio in Hawaii!

My From Flowers to Fabric 2013 Retreats are filling up! There are only a few spaces left in the February 11-15th retreat and in the April 15-19th retreat.

Remember, you can always gather a group of quilting friends and organize your own retreat tailored to your interests. I have two groups doing just that: a group from Alaska focusing on advanced design, and a group from Brisbane who will work with my mother Kitty in designing innovative quilts that combine Japanese fabric with sashiko.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Sign up today with a $100 deposit to reserve your space.

For more information or a brochure, please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions:

(808) 981-2681

New Workshops On the Horizon

Learn Tifaifai-Style Quilting!

I have two Tifaifai (Tahitian-Cook Island style quilting) workshops coming up. A group from Kauai is coming to my studio in January and October, on a cruise from Sydney to New Zealand. Tifaifai quilts are cut much like Hawaiian quilts, and are highly embellished with embroidery. I’m experimenting with different techniques to speed up the process of appliqué so we can concentrate on the fun part—the embroidery. It may sound incongruous (wool in the tropics?) but I am using felted wood to good effect with the Tahitian-inspired designs. The wool can be tacked down with glue baste and the edges buttonhole-stitched with variegated thread. Wool is a dream to embroider—it has a lovely feel and the needle and thread glides through with almost no resistance. I am going to experiment next with felted wool and sashiko with some Northwest Indian designs.

JUST RELEASED: Pheasants Sashiko Kit

Third design in the Chinese Bird Series!

14″ x 14″ design screened on Indigo Moda Marbles panel.


Click here to order!

ALSO NEW! Albatross Sashiko Kit

Second in the Chinese Bird Series!

14″ x 14″ design screened on Indigo Moda Marbles panel.


Click here to order!

JUST RELEASED: Seahorse Sashiko Kit

Another design in our Blue Sea Life Series!

18″ x 18″ panel screened on Moda Marbles.


Click here to order!

JUST RELEASED: Moon & Waves Design

Moon & Waves Sashiko and Appliqué Kit

This 16″ x 23¼” wall hanging features sashiko waves appliquéd over a beautiful printed sunset fabric.

Kit includes: Indigo fabric for background, borders and binding, sunset fabric for the moon, graduated inner border fabric, sashiko thread, pattern, and instructions.

Fabric Kit


Click here to order the fabric kit!

Pattern Only


Click here to order pattern!

NEW PRODUCT: Sashiko Design Book

200 Design Motifs Especially Adapted for Sashiko

The Sashiko Design Book is selling well! We are cooking up plans to write another book of my mother Kitty Pippen’s Japanese Silk Quilts that have never been published before. The book will describe in detail how to work with silk, and will feature a gallery of over 35 fabulous quilts. It will be a collaboration between myself, my son Brian, a graphic artist, and Kitty.


Click here to order!

COMING SOON: Koala in Eucalyptus Design

This is the first in a series of Australian animals, designed for my cruise from Sydney to New Zealand in January 2013. The Koala was inspired by a photo I took at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia. The quilt is complete and I will be releasing the pattern and kits soon!

ON SALE! Big Island Bird Patterns

I need to clear my shelves for new patterns!

9 different Hawaiian birds and fruits designed with Sashiko and Appliqué.

Buy one or collect them all!

Now ON SALE for only $5.00 each!

Click here to order!

For other products, please visit

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A Big Mahalo to Washington State Quilters Guild!

  • 08 May, 2012
  • posted by Sylvia in: sylvia40

I am back from a wonderful teaching trip to Spokane Washington; our first workshop focused on sashiko and my Sea Life series, adding just a bit of applique for sparkle. The next day we worked on tropical flowers from my Tropical Sashiko Sampler series. I gave two trunk shows; WSQG is so big they need to have an afternoon and evening meeting! Such an enthusiastic vibrant guild. Thank you to all who made my trip so smooth and enjoyable, especially Ginger and Kathy. Ginger took me to 5 quilt stores, so I came home with full suitcases and a new stack of exciting fabrics.

Back home, we are in the middle of major reconstruction to enlarge my studio and living space upstairs. The windows are in, siding up, and it is looking spectacular! The studio will be big, airy, and very bright and we will have space for massive feasts upstairs.

My Hawaii retreats for 2013 are filling up! Indigo Niche, my Australian distributor, is bringing 12 quilters from the Brisbane area on February 18-22th. Another group from Perth is coming on April 14-19th, and I am holding an advanced design class from March 4-8 with a group from Alaska. There are still plenty of spaces in the February 11-15th retreat. I am home for the summer with no teaching obligations until the fall, so I am going to concentrate on new designs. Here is a new quilt my mother put together from a series of Chinese Indigo Sashiko Bird designs. The Two Owls is a popular kit; I will release more in the series this summer.

The Sashiko Design Book is selling well! We are busy keeping ahead of the demand. I am contemplating making up the Moon and Wave design from the book into a fabric kit.